Make sure you (the referring member) put your name, member number, and email address in the top section of this form so you receive proper credit for your referrals. Other details are below:

Referral #1

Referral #2

Referral #3

Referral Rewards

Bonus Schedule

  1. $250 for the 1st new member we sign up that was referred by you
  2. $350 for every 2nd new member you refer
  3. $500 for the 3rd new member you refer; You will also receive a Bonus of 2 years of Free Dues!

All Bonuses are based upon a 12-month period.

Referral Qualifications

Rest assured, your referrals will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy by a friendly Harmony Ridge Resort representative. Referrals may also schedule visits for the referral program by calling toll-free (800) 273-0556 or by signing up on our Contact Us page. Make sure your referral states your name as the member that referred them so that you will receive credit for their visit.

  • Referrals must be at least 27 years of age and earn a combined income of at least $50,000, or retired and creditworthy. If married or have a significant other, both must attend.
  • Referrals may not have attended a scheduled tour at Harmony Ridge Resort within the last 24 months.
  • Referrals must attend a courteous 60-minute tour of Harmony Ridge Resort.
  • “Become members” means that your referral joins the membership base by purchasing a new membership through the referral program at Harmony Ridge Resort.
  • 12-month period is defined by the date of your 1st referral tour.
  • The referral program may not be combined with any other promotional offers.

If these guidelines are not followed it is possible that you will not receive credit for your referrals.

Written notification of referral tours and sales will be sent within 30 days.

For more details on how you may benefit from the referral program, please contact us at (530) 265-9313.